Lighthouse Christian Academy

Enrollment Application

Please print the LCA Application Form (PDF), which includes the following:

Page 1 - Student/Parent information
Page 2 - Application checklist and payment information
Page 3 - Enrollment agreement
Page 4 - LCA information, services, fees, and curriculum costs
Page 5 - Transcript request letter

When mailing or faxing the LCA Application, please take care to include the following:

  • Completed and signed application
  • Payment for the one-time student application fee
  • Payment for the annual administration fee
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of legal custodial documents (if applicable)
  • Recent picture of the student
  • Official transcript* from the student’s most recent school
  • Letter of recommendation from the student's pastor**

Please mail or fax the appropriate documents to:

Lighthouse Christian Academy
ATTN: Enrollment Office
P.O. Box 508
Hendersonville, TN 37077-0508

Toll-Free Number: 866-746-6534
Fax: 615-612-6126

Annual enrollment and tuition fees are refundable within 30 days after the enrollment or reenrollment dates. A 20% restocking fee applies on all curriculum and materials.

*Please print, fill out, and send the transcript request letter to the student’s previous school so an official transcript will be mailed to Lighthouse Christian Academy.

**Note: If the student is not currently active in a church, please include a letter stating the reason why you are seeking enrollment in Lighthouse Christian Academy.