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LCA Dual Enrollment Program

Lighthouse Christian Academy, the distance-education provider of A.C.E. Ministriessm, is pleased to offer a program designed especially for schools using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.

Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is accredited through Accreditation International. As a direct result of its accredited status, Lighthouse Christian Academy can validate the education your students receive while attending your school.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is offering each student attending on campus at an A.C.E. Model or Quality Status School the opportunity to receive an accredited transcript and diploma through participation in the LCA Dual Enrollment Program. Schools who have earned A.C.E. Model or Quality Status may begin this process by performing the following steps:

  • Print and complete a Dual Enrollment Student Application for each student applying.
  • Include the student's official transcript and annual dual enrollment fee.
  • Send these documents to Lighthouse Christian Academy, postmarked or faxed by October 15.

Advantages Many advantages are associated with accreditation.

  • Transfer of credits—accreditation eases the transition of students as they move from one accredited organization to another.
  • Access to programs and scholarships—accreditation aids students as they participate in sports programs, apply for federal grants, or pursue admission to accredited colleges.

Enrollment Deadline For accreditation purposes, each student seeking to enroll in this program will need to apply at the beginning of each school year. This will allow LCA to validate and walk through the entire academic year with him. Student applications must be postmarked or faxed by October 15 each year. LCA desires to ensure that plenty of time is given for the school to inform parents of this option and to encourage them to see the benefits their students can gain from accreditation.

Graduation Requirements We encourage you to view our LCA Courses of Study as well as the Dual Enrollment Graduation Policy below before applying for the Dual Enrollment Program. High school students will be given a projected course of study based upon these requirements, which will place them on the right track to graduate with an accredited LCA Diploma.

Dual Enrollment Graduation Policy Students seeking to graduate through the LCA Dual Enrollment Program must meet the following requirements prior to receiving the diploma:

  • Attend a Model or Quality Status School* for at least the junior and senior years.
  • Submit an application and current official transcript by October 15. The transcript will be thoroughly audited. Acceptance will be dependent upon the audit and whether the student will meet all academic standards required by LCA for graduation. Seniors must be enrolled no later than October 15 of the senior year.
  • Earn a minimum of six credit hours through LCA preceding graduation.
  • Pay the graduation fee of $50 in addition to the Dual Enrollment Program fee.
  • Complete all LCA graduation requirements as indicated on the LCA Academic Projection to the satisfaction of the administration.
  • Fulfill all financial obligations.

At Lighthouse Christian Academy, we are committed to meeting the educational needs of our students and helping provide the tools necessary for their future success. If you have any questions or comments about this program, feel free to contact our Dual Enrollment Coordinator at or 866-746-6534. It would be a blessing to hear from you.

Student Application
Courses of Study

*Some exceptions may apply